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This Guide has been written by The Licensing Guys© as the definitive outline guide to advise Premises Licence Holders, Designated Premises Supervisors and their staff on the daily management of their premises with the overarching ambition to keep them ‘safe and legal’.  Please treat this as your ‘Owner’s Manual’.

Within TLG Vault, you will find links to other documents and resources that you will find invaluable in this task.  When you look at your Premises Licence, you will probably find references to your responsibilities to maintain registers – such as incident logs, refusals registers, authorisations and training records.  Specimen templates are all there, ready and waiting for you to download, in the Vault.

These registers are most likely an essential part of your Premises Licence, and failing to keep them will put you in breach of it.  Whether they form part of your Licence or not, they are a culmination of good practice and DO provide invaluable evidence that you are running your premises lawfully, and discharging your statutory duties diligently.

They are free, easy to use and self-explanatory – so please use them!

If you subscribe to our Support Packages , The Licensing Guys are always available and willing to provide you with further advice and guidance, with access to our TLG Vault packed with essential policies, procedures, posters and log books.

If you have any further questions in relation to the content of this document, please call us as soon as possible.  Remember:  ‘We wrote the Book on Licensing Compliance’ – and we’re here to help!

Best regards,

Nick & Paul

The Licensing Guys

Knowledge Modules

  • Personal Licence Applications
  • $ Part 1
  • Premises Licence Applications
  • $ Part 2
  • Premises Licence Application Hearings
  • $ Part 3
  • Compliance with the Licensing Act 2003
  • $ Part 4
  • How to Keep Your Premises Licence!
  • $ Part 5
  • Multi-Agency Premises Inspections
  • $ Part 7
  • Compliance with the Gambling Act 2005
  • $ Part 8
  • Registering your Food Business
  • $ Part 9
  • Drugs Misuse on Licensed Premises
  • $ Part 12
  • Security Industry Authority Guidance
  • $ Part 13
  • Types of SIA Licence required
  • $ Part 13.1
  • CCTV – In House Systems and Your Responsibilities
  • $ Part 15
  • Environmental Health Guidance
  • $ Part 16
  • Keeping within Consumer Law
  • $ Part 17.1
  • Protection of Children in Licensed Premises
  • $ Part 20
  • Public Health Considerations
  • $ Part 22
  • Vulnerable People and Licensing
  • $ Part 24
  • Ask for Angela or Ask for Clive?
  • $ Part 25
  • Training Courses available from TLG
  • $ Part 29
  • Useful Links & Contact Information
  • $ Part 30