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Your local Health Authority is a Responsible Authority but strangely the Promotion of Public Health is NOT one of the Licensing Objectives within the terms of the Licensing Act 2003.  There have been significant conversations about the prospect of amending the legislation to include it but it hasn’t been included yet.

In the meantime, the Department of Health insists, quite rightly, that your local Health Authority maintains sufficient knowledge of your local licensing policy so as to contribute to the licensing function.  Therefore, you will find Public Health officers’ contributions regarding Licence Applications and Licensing Reviews regularly, but framing their responses around Public Safety and the Prevention of Crime instead.  Their opinions are particularly sought around counterfeit cigarette operations and alcohol-related harm issues.

The Government’s Chief Medical Officer issued guidelines on sensible drinking.  These are covered in the syllabus for the Award for Personal Licence Holder’s qualification, and are generally set so low as to be met with consternation by the general public.

However Responsible Alcohol Retailing is everyone’s concern, and The Licensing Guys address responsible server training in order to prevent over-service, particularly in relation to customers who are becoming intoxicated.

☝️ Remember:  It is always an offence to serve a drunk!

✅ You can download our ‘Emoji’ Drunkenness Test poster for free from the TLG Vault.

✅ The Licensing Guys will train your staff in Responsible Alcohol Retailing.  Click this link for details.