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Licensing Services

The Licensing Guys provide advice, premises licence applications & representation services. Whatever form of licensing your business requires, The Licensing Guys is the ‘turnkey solution provider’ for advice, guidance or dispute resolution.
We will take all the hassle out of the paperwork & also ensure you are updated on the necessary requirements at the same time. With an enviable record of success in all forms of applications & licensing committee hearings, The Licensing Guys should be your first choice every time. Call or email us today to discuss your needs.

A great result for our clients at The Malvern Hills Brewery Taproom. Despite a large number of representations from the public The Licensing Guys secure the licence for the Tap Room.

Our Premises Licence Application Service

Is aimed at anyone applying for a Premises Licence to sell or supply alcohol both ‘on & off’ the premises. We have applied for countless businesses right across the UK with unparalleled success. These include:

Pubs, nightclubs, social clubs, cocktail & reggae bars

Hotels & B&Bs

Wedding venues & festivals

Convenience stores, off-licences, & covered markets

Breweries, distilleries, cider-presses, & canning factories

Restaurants, takeaways & tea shops

Petrol stations, caravan parks & golf courses

Online grocers & retailers

... Even two art galleries & a sculpture park!

“When I wanted to open a Convenience Store in Southampton, I went to The Licensing Guys for our new Premises Licence and our Compliance work. At the time I had to go to India to see a sick relative. When I came back it was all done and we could open immediately. Although there were many obstacles from local residents, The Licensing Guys overcame them all with no difficulties at the Hearing. We are now trading – and busy with new customers. I completely recommend The Licensing Guys for their complete and efficient service.”

Anu Kaur – Southampton


The overwhelming majority of our applications are processed without the need for any form of Hearing. This is because we know, from our vast and current knowledge, what steps need to be taken for your application to be granted with the minimum of obstacle and delay. That is why we provide a 31 day Promise. We promise to get you your Premises Licence within 31 days your application being accepted by the local authority – provided that nobody objects to your application.
In the event that a Responsible Authority (e.g. The Police or the Council) do object to your application, then we will represent you at any Licensing Hearing for an additional fee at a fraction of the price of a solicitor. That said, these Hearings are very rare and we are invariably successful at them.
We will ALWAYS give you an honest appraisal of your prospects, and act in your best interests to defend your position and endeavour to keep you “keep you trading, safe and legal”.

Licensed Premises Reviews

When things go wrong, the Responsible Authorities or other ‘interested parties’ such as your neighbours may call for a Licensed Premises Review. This is NEVER good news, as effectively these parties wish to severely curtail your operation or even stop it completely by revoking your Premises Licence.
Some DOs and DON’Ts:

DON’T sit on the situation and hope that it will go away. It won’t and you WILL be appearing before a Licensing Sub-Committee within about a month, whereby the evidence against you will be heard and tested. This may well end up in you losing your Premises Licence, which will severely impact upon the viability of your business.

DO preserve any evidence that is available e.g. your CCTV footage, receipts, till roll. Identify as best you can who the potential witnesses are that can provide evidence that might assist you in the forthcoming Hearing.

DO gather up the papers that are served on you by the Licensing Authority. Scan them into your computer and email them to us for our independent and FREE advice on how best to handle this situation.

If you instruct us to act on your behalf, we will contact the Authority and other parties in order to negotiate your position. We will also prepare your defence and represent you at the forthcoming Hearing if required.
We will ALWAYS give you an honest appraisal of your prospects, and act in your best interests to defend your position and endeavour to keep you “keep you trading, safe and legal”.
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