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Light Pollution

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You will need to consider lighting for a number of good reasons – not only to advertise the presence of your premises and that it is open for business, as well as safety and security reasons.  But conversely, too much lighting can cause light pollution.

If you intend to operate lighting at night, it is important to it does not cause annoyance, distraction, discomfort or otherwise detract from the surroundings and settings where your premises are located.  To avoid any problems, you should:

  • Ensure that lighting is suitable for your needs and avoid ‘over-lighting an area.
  • Carefully consider where the light is located, and aim any bright beams away from sensitive areas, neighbouring premises and transport routes.
  • Use screens, baffles, hoods or louvres on light fittings to control the direction of the light beams.
  • Turn off lighting when it is not in use, or consider using a time-switch or motion sensor where possible and appropriate.
  • If fitting motion sensors, make sure that these are properly located and maintained so as to avoid any unnecessary activation that could cause annoyance to nearby properties.

☝️ Consider whether you have the necessary Planning permissions for any lights and signage at your premises.  Planning permission should be obtained prior to you going to a lot of expense in signing and illuminating your premises, only to be prohibited from ever using it.

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