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A Personal Licence allows you to sell alcohol, or authorise others (i.e. on your team) to sell alcohol on your behalf.

But in order to sell alcohol from a given location i.e. a Premises, or conduct other ‘licensable activities’ (such as live or recorded music) there, you will first need to obtain a Premises Licence.  You can:

1. Do it yourself: It can be done if you are very confident in your knowledge, skills and abilities around the Licensing Legislation, Compliance and Processes.  However, things often go wrong, and applications get rejected causing additional expense and delay in getting your business up, running and profitable.  Unwary applicants often offer more than they could, or indeed should, offer by way of restrictions to their own Licences, or get less than they wanted.

2. Go to the Local Council: Many of these Councils offer an Advice service which you have to pay for.  They term it an ‘Application Service’ but actually you will be the one doing the application.  Unlike The Licensing Guys, these council officers will not do it for you – they will only advise you on how to do it.  Furthermore, they will only advise you on what THEY believe you should have, rather than what you should be entitled to.  Having advised you on what they think you should get and how to apply for it, YOU then submit your own paperwork and draft your own plans and prepare your own legal notices for public display and placement in a local newspaper. Upon receipt at the Council, it goes to another ‘unconnected’ Licensing Officer in the same office who will check your work and probably agree with their close colleague on what you should get.

3. Go to an independent solicitor or licensing consultant, or come to The Licensing Guys. We do it ALL for you as part of a turnkey solution.  We do not necessarily accept what the Council Licensing Officer(s) think you should have, and more often than not (and certainly in every contested case that we have ever attended on behalf of our clients) get them more.  ‘More’ might be extra hours, later closing, extended live or recorded music provision.

At The Licensing Guys we offer a ‘31 Day Promise’.  We cannot guarantee that you will receive your Premises Licence within 31 Days of first contacting us because someone outside our control (like the Police, for example) might object.  But we can promise to get you a Premises Licence within 31 Days of first contact if nobody objects.

☝️ Think – you could be in business within a month, if you come to The Licensing Guys.

The Licensing Guys provide a Premises Licence Application Service aimed at anyone applying for a Premises Licence to sell or supply alcohol both ‘on and off’ the premises.  We have applied for countless businesses right across the UK with unparalleled success.  These include:

  • pubs, nightclubs, social clubs,
  • cocktail bars and reggae bars,
  • hotels and B&Bs,
  • wedding venues and rock festivals,
  • convenience stores, off-licences, and covered markets,
  • breweries, distilleries, cider-presses, and canning factories,
  • restaurants, takeaways and teashops,
  • petrol stations,
  • caravan parks and golf courses,
  • horseboxes and campervans,
  • online grocers & retailers
  • and even two art galleries and a sculpture park!!!

✅ We would be pleased to hear from you if your needs reflect any type of premises list above, and even more delighted if the type or category of your premises is NOT on the above list – as we love to break new ground and love a challenge!  Please look at our Facebook page, where you will find countless examples of satisfied customers who have obtained their Premises Licence through The Licensing Guys.