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Premises Licence Application Hearings

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The overwhelming majority of our Premises Licence applications are processed without the need for any form of Hearing.  This is because we know, from our vast and current knowledge, what steps need to be taken for your application to be granted with the minimum of obstacle and delay.

In the event that a Responsible Authority (e.g. The Police or the Council) or your neighbours do object to your application, then a Licensing Committee Hearing will be called within about three weeks of the end of the Consultation Period concerning your application.

These Hearings usually take place in a Town or City Hall, are attended by Councillors, Lawyers, members of the Responsible Authorities (e.g. the Police) and the Press.  It is very like going to Court, and like any Court it is very easy to leave disappointed.  So:

✍️ Get some formal representation for, as the legal adage goes, “The man who represents himself has a fool for a client.”

✅ The Licensing Guys will represent you at any Licensing Hearing for an additional but fixed fee, at a fraction of the price of a solicitor.  The fee is fixed, so you know exactly how much it will cost on the day (win or lose) and that there will be NO hidden extras.

That said, these Hearings are very rare and The Licensing Guys are invariably successful at them.