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Gambling Act 2005

  /    /  Gambling Act 2005

Licensing Enforcement Officers may ask for details of any Gaming Machines that you have within your Premises, as they are the enforcement agency regarding Gaming Machines within the Council.

You may be required to provide proof of the type of machine(s) located in your Premises, and also produce your Acknowledgement of Notice of Auto Entitlement or Gaming Machine Permit.  It is therefore best to retain all these documents in the same location as your Premises Licence.

If you have not licensed them correctly, or have exceeded the number or classification permitted by the Gambling Commission, you will instructed to unplug them immediately.  They will then give you advice on how to apply for the appropriate Gaming Machine Permit.

✅ For more information on how to notify your local council for your auto entitlement (2 x Cat C or cat D) machines or how to obtain your Gaming Machine Permit for over 2 machines give us a call.

☝️ N.B. A Gaming Machine located in a takeaway premises must be a ‘skill only’ machine.

✍️ It is best practice to ask the Licensing Enforcement Officer to make an entry in and endorse and sign the Visit Log with respect of his or her visit.

✅ You can download a templated Visit Log from the TLG Vault for free.

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