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Children on Licensed Premises

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You will all remember that the Protection of Children from Harm is a Licensing Objective.  However, we also hope that families, including their children, can enjoy visiting your premises and feel happy and be safe there.

Take a few minutes to check regularly that your premises are safe for children.  Check your electrical fittings, fire places, gardens and play areas, gates and fastening – especially giving access to road traffic.

✅ You can download a templated Appliances Check Register for free from the TLG Vault.

Here is a checklist of things you need to consider with regard to Children on your premises:

  1. All gaming machines (except Cat D machines) must be positioned in areas of your premises that are not accessible to Children under 18. It is an offence for an under-18 to play them.
  2. Be on your guard for inappropriate behaviours towards youngsters by your own staff, volunteers, or customers. This not only includes physical and verbal abuse, but also inappropriate suggestions to that young person.
  3. Children must not be admitted to any adult entertainment. This includes nudity, offensive language, coarse humour or even any advertisements of same.
  4. Management Committees of Clubs or Boards of Community-based Facilities what do not have a Designated Premises Supervisor are strongly advised to put in place their own Child Protection Policies.

✅ Contact us directly if you wish to discuss Child Protection and Safeguarding Policies specific to your premises or operation.

  1. Children must be protected from drugs misuse and trafficking.
  2. Ensure that any children under-16 are accompanied and supervised by a person over-18 whilst on your premises.
  3. If you operate an event for under-18s on your premises which is otherwise used as Licensed Premises (sometimes affectionately known as a ‘Nappy-Night’), you will need to ensure effective searching procedures, sobriety checks and probably take down your stocks of alcohol from your bars if directed to do so by the local Licensing Authority.
  4. You are best advised NEVER to touch a person under-18 unless and ONLY if it is justifiable in order to ensure that person’s immediate safety.

Other Regulations regarding Employing Children:

  • No children can work at all under 13.
  • No children can work during school hours.
  • Children cannot work in a kitchen, collect glasses or serve alcohol unless in a sealed container.
  • Children aged between 13-16 may not work before 07:00hrs or beyond 19:00hrs.
  • Cannot work in excess of 4 hrs without 1 hr break.
  • Without taking a break of at least two weeks away from all work during the school holidays.
  • No child under minimum school leaving age can work full-time.
  • If they are part of a performance in which a charge is made, a special Child Licence may be required. Speak to your local Children Services for details.