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The main causes for odour complaints from licensed premises are:

  1. Waste storage & disposal areas
  2. Drainage systems
  3. Cooking smells from extraction systems.

To reduce your vulnerability to complaints from your neighbours about nuisance caused by odours, you should exercise due diligence in the following areas by ensuring that:

  • Your waste bins are sealed and of a suitable size for your business operation.
  • Your waste collection arrangements are conducted in an efficient and timely manner.
  • Your kitchens are provided with grease-traps, and that these are cleaned regularly to prevent blockages. Waster food should NEVER be put into the drainage systems.
  • Kitchen extraction systems should be designed so that they discharge at a high level, taking into account any surrounding buildings.

✅ You may run into trouble with Planning Permission regarding your extraction systems.  The Licensing Guys can help you with Planning problems.

  • Appropriate odour filters should be incorporated into your food operation that are appropriate for the nature of the food you are serving, the methods by which you cook it, and the quantities of food you are cooking. These should be changed or cleaned regularly as part of your kitchen maintenance schedule.

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