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80 Kegs Discovered and Returned

A few years back I had a call from a local community group that had taken over an old pub and they were in the process of turning this into a community hub. Upon entering the cellar they were greeted with a large quantity of empty kegs as far as the eye could see, the initial reactions to a stockpile of aluminium and the current price of the metal was pound signs to the community project but this was not to be.
The Licensing Guys help get 80 empty kegs back to brewers with Kegwatch

There were no BBQ’s to be made from these or fancy urinals as I had to break the news that these still remained the property of the brewer and that it was illegal to trade these in for scrap.
I made a call to Kegwatch who I had seen at a NationalPubwatch Conference who arranged collection of all the empty kegs within a couple of weeks.
The Licensing Guys help get 80 empty kegs back to the brewers with the help of Kegwatch

If you find a stack of empty barrels in a property that you take over or have any empty’s in your cellar with no one brewery taking this to be returned give Kegwatch a call.

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