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The Power of Two: The Benefits of Dual Personal Licence Holders in Alcohol Sales Businesses

In the realm of alcohol sales, navigating the legal landscape with absolute certainty and peace of mind can often feel like traversing a minefield. However there’s a strategy that can provide both resilience and efficiency to businesses holding a Premises Licence in England and Wales: Having not one, but two Personal Licence Holders on the payroll.
Picture this scenario: your business is buzzing with eager customers and you are retailing your alcohol responsibly. Suddenly, your Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) finds themselves unable to fulfill their duties temporarily or permanently.  Maybe they just move away from the area or pursue a new career.   Sometimes nobody notices, and the business ploughs ahead selling alcohol without realizing that it is criminal offence to sell alcohol under a Premises Licence when there is no Designated Premises Supervisor in place.  Realisation then dawns, panic ensues, operations falter, and revenue takes a hit.  However, by having two Personal Licence Holders on board, you’ve effectively built a safety net to cushion the blow.
Let’s delve into the advantages of this dual approach:
Resilience in the Face of Adversity: Life is unpredictable, and circumstances can change in the blink of an eye. Having two Personal Licence Holders provides your business with resilience in times of crisis. Whether it’s due to illness, resignation, or unforeseen circumstances, the presence of a backup ensures that your operations can continue seamlessly without disruption, once the Premises Licence is varied to install a replacement DPS as soon as possible.
Continuous Coverage Through Shift Work: The sale of alcohol isn’t confined to traditional business hours. Customers may flock to your establishment at any time of the day or night, looking to make a purchase of alcohol.  By having two fully trained Personal Licence Holders, you can implement shift schedules to ensure that there’s always a competent individual on duty to authorize alcohol sales, no matter the hour.
Efficient Management of Responsibilities: While only one individual can hold the coveted title of Designated Premises Supervisor, having two Personal Licence Holders allows for a more efficient distribution of responsibilities. From staff training to compliance checks, having multiple qualified individuals enables the workload to be shared, easing the burden on any single person.
It can be a lonely position: We all know the feeling of security in having someone we trust to double-check important decisions with. Your current Designated Premises Supervisor hopefully takes their legal responsibilities seriously and protects your business admirably, but in the early stages, when you’re starting out, a second Personal Licence Holder can provide a valued layer of support and confidence in your team.
Mitigation of Legal Risks: Operating within the realm of alcohol sales entails navigating a complex web of legal requirements and regulations.  By having multiple Personal Licence Holders, you reduce the risk of non-compliance and ensure that your business operates within the bounds of the law at all times, minimizing the threat of fines, suspension or revocation.
In conclusion, the advantages of having two Personal Licence Holders within a business that holds a Premises Licence to sell alcohol in England and Wales are undeniable. From bolstering resilience to ensuring continuous coverage and enhancing legal compliance, this dual approach is a strategic investment in the longevity and success of your operation.
So, dear business owners, consider the power of two – for when it comes to alcohol sales, having an ace up your sleeve can make all the difference.
Cheers to success and seamless operations.