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Cheers to Expansion: A Guide to Obtaining a Pavement Licence for Alcohol Sales in England and Wales.

As a business already licensed to sell alcohol in England and Wales, the prospect of extending your ON Sales premises to include outdoor seating can be as refreshing as a chilled pint on a summer’s day.   Enter the Pavement Licence – your means of expanding your business onto the pavement and enticing passersby with your offerings.  But how does one embark on this journey of alfresco libations?  Fear not, fellow entrepreneur, for we’re about to uncork the process, blending legal know-how with a dash of humour.
Firstly, let’s address the why. Picture this: a balmy afternoon, the sun casting a golden glow over the streets, and your establishment brimming with patrons relishing the ambiance with some outside enjoying an alfresco cigarette or vape.  By securing a Pavement Licence, you’re not only capitalizing on prime real estate but also enhancing the customer experience.  After all, who wouldn’t want to sip their favorite tipple al fresco while people-watching to their heart’s content?
Now, onto the nitty-gritty of the how. Obtaining a Pavement Licence involves navigating the bureaucratic labyrinth of your local authority – a task not dissimilar to finding your way through a crowded pub on a Friday night.  However, armed with the right knowledge and assisted by The Licensing Guys ™ , you can breeze through the process smoother than a well-poured pint.
Step one: Assess eligibility. Before diving headfirst into paperwork, ensure your establishment meets the criteria for a Pavement Licence. Your business must already be a food and drink business, serving as the cornerstone for expansion onto the pavement.
Step two: Identify who actually owns the land on which you want to put your tables and chairs.
Step three: Consult the local authority or engage the Licensing Guys to do so on your behalf.  It’s essential to engage with your local council regarding your intentions.
Step four:  Marshal the necessary paperwork, scale plans, furniture specifications and proof of insurance.  This can even involve a risk assessment, a pest control assessment and photos.  You must submit an application outlining your proposed outdoor seating area, including dimensions and any associated furniture, or get us to do it for you.
Step five: Consider the public. Just as you wouldn’t host a rowdy stag do in a quaint tearoom, be mindful of the impact your outdoor seating may have on the surrounding community.   Address concerns such as noise levels and pedestrian access in your application, demonstrating a commitment to harmonious coexistence.  The public will no doubt get involved anyway as you have to display legal notices on the premises to alert them of your intentions.
Step six: As with any venture, there’s a fee involved – think of it as the cover charge for a VIP section on the sidewalk.  The cost of a Pavement Licence varies depending on your local authority, so be sure to check the tariff before reaching for your wallet.
Step seven: Await approval. Patience is key.  Your application will undergo scrutiny, with the local authority considering factors such as public safety and the character of the area. Once the green light is given, it’s time to raise a glass to your newfound outdoor oasis.
In conclusion, securing a Pavement Licence for alcohol sales is a journey worth embarking on for any business looking to expand its horizons, especially as British Summer Time is upon us again.  By navigating the process with finesse, you’ll soon be toasting to success under the open sky.
So, here’s to alfresco libations and the endless possibilities and increased profitability that come with them – cheers!