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Premises Licences For Camping, Glamping & Caravan Sites

Although technically it shouldn’t be, it can be tricky to obtain a Premises Licence for Camping, Glamping and Caravan Sites.  Why? Because these applications can attract much adverse criticism from your local resident NIMBYs – which stands for ‘Not In My Back Yard’ in case you needed reminding.

These local residents are particularly susceptible to being wound up to fury pitch by local councillors or community leaders, who can easily convince them that their rural idyll is about to be overtaken by biker gangs, hippies or ravers who will want to party ‘til dawn under massive stacks of speakers, thus ruining village life as the local residents know it.

Due to this outpouring of vociferous public concern, sometimes Environmental Protection Teams feel obliged to be seen to be doing something about it.  In their haste to be seen to be ‘on it’, they can often confuse themselves between Planning and Licensing Committee matters, and tie themselves up in unnecessary knots of legal bureaucracy.

Such has been the experience of one of our clients in trying to start a little campsite in the countryside.  However, The Licensing Guys were able to demonstrate the building insultation and double glazing in the clubhouse, the absence of nearby dwellings, and the irrelevance of many of the arguments levelled against the Application – and it was duly granted at a recent Hearing. 

Here is the testimonial:

“I have created a small camping and caravan site in a rural area with purpose-built small clubhouse and facilities.
We used The Licensing Guys to obtain our Personal and Premises Licences, and are very glad we did.
No sooner had we applied, than we were met with a flurry of objections from people living absolutely miles from our site.
Additionally the Council’s Environmental Protection Department tried to dismiss our application, thinking that we were trying to open an alternative to Glastonbury.
Thankfully The Licensing Guys conducted us through the whole process, including a site visit from the Licensing Authority.
They represented us at two Hearings, and saw off all the objections.  It all ended well, as we were granted our Premises Licence and we are now good to go.
I honestly think that without The Licensing Guys leading us through the minefield, we would never have got it.
Therefore we are pleased to recommend and endorse The Licensing Guys for their unique levels of service and commitment, enabling us to start our new business.”


So:  If you intend to sell alcohol to your campers, glampers or caravanners from your clubhouse or site shop, or thinking about providing additional extras to improve your revenue, then you will need a Premises Licence for your shop and a Personal Licence for yourself.  Simply put, you would be breaking the law if you don’t.  To avoid that, The Licensing Guys can obtain both for you in a timely and cost-efficient manner.  Please give us a call to discuss your specific needs? Our advice is always free, and we look forward to helping you stay on the right side of the law in the weeks and months to come.

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