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Dear Business Owners, Picture this: You're running a successful establishment, serving up drinks and delights to your loyal patrons.  But did you know that the very foundation of your alcohol sales operation, your Premises Licence issued under the Licensing Act 2003 in England and Wales, could be at risk if your business structure isn't on solid ground? Here's

EMERGENCY FRIDAY The Licensing Guys rushed North to remedy defects in the premises licence of this immaculate new Premier shop in PRESTON. All staff retrained in a day and everything put in order. The Closure Order was lifted just in time for the Christmas Rush!

2023 – A Look Back on the Year Here at The Licensing Guys ™ we pride ourselves on our success rate in applications and Hearings. Our website shows we have a 98.4% success rate.  This isn’t strictly true. In 2023 we have not lost a case or failed to have an application granted, so in truth we have

On 23rd November 2023 The Licensing Guys ™ attended The Vineyard and Winery Show ay Kent Showground near Maidstone, Kent.  We took a small tradestand and spent the day meeting the past, present and hopefully future clients.  For those of you who Vineyards and/or are WineGB members have not yet attended, it is a truly wonderful