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The ‘Gather’ Story from LUDLOW in Shropshire. The Licensing Guys

The ‘Gather’ Story from LUDLOW in Shropshire.

This is Anabelle de GERSIGNY.
She had acquired this former Maternity Unit next to a hospital site at Ludlow. She wanted to base her Coffee Roastery at one end of the building nearest the hospital, and at the other she created some co-working spaces on two floors.  Ludlow is an epicentre for local film makers, so she also wanted to screen short films on site. The proposal involved selling small amounts of alcohol to the co-workers, their guests or attendees at events.  All pretty low key stuff.
However, the local “Defend Our NHS” Group, lamenting the loss of the Maternity Unit, conducted a Facebook campaign against the application – claiming it would be a “Party-Party Venue”, disrespectful to the elderly and dying patients in the building next door.  All this resulted in a hotly contested Hearing in Shrewsbury, where all these arguments were aired.
At the Hearing, The Licensing Guys explained that there was no intention for the premises to be used as a Party Venue, that access and parking issues were not relevant as the premises already has it’s own car park, and that our co-workers and their guests are not the sort of people who engage in alcohol-fueled bad behaviour that would disturb anyone – especially the terminally ill.
The Hearing concluded after everyone had had their say, and a few days later the Committee issued their Decision Notice, allowing the grant of the Licence as applied for.
Well done and Good Luck with your new business, Anabelle!