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The Advantages of Extending Premises Licenses for 24-Hour Alcohol Sales in UK Convenience Stores

The Advantages of Extending Premises Licenses for 24-Hour Alcohol Sales in UK Convenience Stores


In recent years, the convenience store landscape in the United Kingdom has evolved to meet the changing needs and demands of consumers. One significant shift has been the extended hours of operation, allowing convenience stores to serve their customers 24 hours a day.  A key aspect of this expansion is the ability to obtain a premises license for the sale of alcohol around the clock.  In this article, we will explore the advantages of varying a premises license for 24-hour alcohol sales and provide insights into the measures shopkeepers can take to ensure a successful application.

Advantages of 24-Hour Alcohol Sales

Increased Revenue:

One of the most apparent advantages of extending a premises license to allow 24-hour alcohol sales is the potential for increased revenue. Convenience stores can tap into a wider customer base by catering to night owls, shift workers, and individuals with unconventional schedules. This extended service can boost sales significantly, particularly during late-night hours when other retail options are limited.

Enhanced Convenience:

Convenience stores are aptly named for their ability to provide customers with convenient shopping experiences. Offering alcohol 24/7 further reinforces this reputation. Shoppers can satisfy their beverage needs at any hour, reducing the likelihood of visiting competitors or unlicensed sources.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Providing a 24-hour alcohol service can help convenience stores build stronger customer loyalty. Shoppers are more likely to return to a store that consistently meets their needs, including ALL late-night cravings including alcoholic beverages. This loyalty can lead to higher customer retention rates and increased word-of-mouth referrals.

Competitive Edge:

Obtaining a premises license for 24-hour alcohol sales can give convenience stores a significant competitive edge. In areas where such licenses are limited, stores that offer this service stand out and attract more customers. This advantage can translate into a larger market share and improved profitability.

Measures to Ensure a Successful Application

Comprehensive Business Plan:

Shopkeepers should develop a thorough business plan that outlines how they intend to manage 24-hour alcohol sales responsibly. This plan should include strategies for preventing underage sales, managing noise levels, and handling any potential disturbances. Demonstrating a commitment to responsible retailing is crucial for a successful application.

Engaging with the Community:

Building positive relationships with the local community can greatly influence the success of a premises license application. Shopkeepers should proactively engage with neighbours, attend local community meetings, and address any concerns or objections raised by residents. Demonstrating a willingness to work collaboratively can mitigate opposition to the license extension.

Training and Staffing:

Properly trained staff are essential for responsible alcohol sales. Shopkeepers should ensure that all employees are familiar with the legal requirements and best practices associated with selling alcohol. This includes identifying fake IDs, recognizing signs of intoxication, and adhering to age verification procedures.

Robust Security Measures:

Implementing robust security measures can help reassure licensing authorities and the local community that the extended hours of alcohol sales will not lead to increased crime or disorder. This may include installing security cameras, hiring security personnel for late-night shifts, membership of local Business Watch Schemes and maintaining a visible store presence during all hours of operation.


Extending a premises license for 24-hour alcohol sales in a convenience store in the UK can bring numerous advantages, including increased revenue, enhanced convenience, improved customer loyalty, and a competitive edge. To ensure a successful application, shopkeepers should develop a comprehensive business plan, engage with the community, prioritize staff training, and implement robust security measures. By demonstrating a commitment to responsible retailing and addressing potential concerns, convenience stores can seize the opportunities that come with round-the-clock alcohol sales while maintaining a positive relationship with their local communities.

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