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This weekend, Enforcement Officers visited a client’s shop in the West Country, and discovered serious breaches of their premises licence. After intervention from The Licensing Guys, it appears that the Officers had a copy of the ‘OLD’ Licence on them. No Offences + Big Apologies. Wrongly accused? Call us on 01432 700024.

Following the recent Consultation on the new Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Policy, at a recent Zoom Conference with the Taxi Trade, Herefordshire Council announced an independent, lawyer-led, Review of the Licensing Service across the county. Glad that The Licensing Guys were able to advise and assist the Trade. Hackneyed Off? Call The Licensing Guys on 01432 700024.

Congratulations to Shirwan on the grant today of a Premises Licence on his new shop in Shepton Mallet! In less than a month the team at The Licensing Guys helped this store gain a new premises licence. What a month, and transformation. Going places? Give us a call on 01432 700024.

Well done to Niraj who obtained a Premises Licence on Harvey’s Fish and Chips in Preston using The Licensing Guys. This will allow them to serve alcohol when they sell food along with the ability to deliver alcohol along side their food orders online. This is a great way to maximise on sales and generate extra