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Licenced Trade Charity

Licenced Trade Charity

Pubs and clubs lie at the very heart of our communities, and nobody can be under any illusion about how hard things can be out there at the moment.  All this can come at a terrible strain on, and cost to, those that keep these vital community hubs open and trading profitably.

In 1793 the Licensed Trade Charity was formed and has been supporting the people who work in licensed hospitality venues.  They offer a huge range of support, whether emotional, practical or financial.

There is a 24/7 Helpline – 0808 801 0550

Their website is

Their App is ‘Licensed Trade Charity’ and is available through the App Store or Google Play.

Their Grants are accessed via the Helpline, which you must call to initiate the process.

Society appreciates the work that you do within the Licensed Trade, and help is available if you reach out.  Thank you.